Three extra faces in AP Cabinet


Amaravati-master-planAP Chief Minister is on the way to expand his cabinet. Though this was not directly revealed by the CM, by saying that in the expansion three more ministers will come has actually revealed his plans for expansion.

According to limitation about 25 members can be there in AP Cabinet. With the three more that the CM told the total number will be 23.

Now the question if Lokesh will get into the cabinet in the expansion exercise or not. Even though the CM never directly told or indicated about Lokesh’s capabilities, there has been growing demand across the two states from so called cadres to up his responsibility and this demand could be used as a pretext and he could be inducted into the cabinet feel political observers. Additionally hopes are building among defected MLAs too especially Jyothula and Bhooma. There has been no representation from Muslim minority and also tribals so even prospects are hoping for their chance. Let us wait.