Tollywood film industry not supporting Pawan Kalyan?


Tollywood-celebs-not-supporThere is lot of humgama going on since the day Pawan Kalyan released a press note that he will be revealing his thoughts on politics and his future plans regarding that.

One thing is clear that though he has enormous fan following among youth, it is doubtful what is the general opinion among middle aged and older folks who are the main among real voters. And coming to the film fraternity many opined that they will stay away from any political party based on the state bifurcation. They said off the record that already film industry is seeing downfall during all these changes and if they support publicly to any party, it might effect the collections and it will be inviting more problems.

So it is clear that there will be no one to support him from the film industry, their might be few exceptions like Ali and Trivikram who are known as best friends to Pawan. Lets see how it goes?