TRS demands Rs.5 lakh crore as Compensation to Telangana


telangana-and-KCRHyderabad: The long list of demands by the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) to the Central government has come as a shock to many. As if not satisfied with the separate state announcement, TRS demanded Rs 5 lakh crore as a compensation for the ‘historic injustice’ meted to the region. TRS demand came even as Seemandhra people are fuming at the Centre for going ahead with the state bifurcation, which so far turned down all their requests.

The TRS stated that a quick estimate showed that 30 per cent of the government employees who were working in Telangana belong to Seemandhra. “All of them have been illegally recruited over decades. In view of this, the government of Telangana would carefully go into the distribution of employees in each unit office of government, educational institutions and public sector,” the party said.

As part of the response to the Union Home Ministry’s letter, seeking suggestions from the state parties on the terms of reference of the Group of Ministers (GoM) on Telangana, TRS raised several demands apart from the ones mentioned above.

TRS’ demand for compensation led to new speculation as to what would be the strategy the rose brigade is following. If TRS is really for separate state, why would it create obstacles at this stage by raising several demands is the question many are asking!