TRS Merging into Congress to become a reality?


sonia-and-KCRNew Delhi: Speculation about TRS merging its party in congress has been doing rounds since the day Telengana was announced. But KCR has been dodging this claiming that they won’t celebrate the victory until the Bill is passed in Parliament. When ever the media people have raised such doubts he used to skip by saying let the Telagana bill pass first.

One of the TRS leaders said “It is true that three years ago we said we are ready to merge with the Congress if it makes Telangana a reality,” Keshava Rao told an English daily. “But thousand people have died since then. Anyway, it is too premature for me to say anything on this (merger) now. People must accept it. Let Telangana come and we will seriously look at it with all fairness and seriousness.”

So, is TRS going to highlight suicides after Telangana Bill is passed in Parliament to avoid its merger into Congress? Political experts opine that KCR is smart enough to shun Congress as it is a sinking ship. Yet, there are different opinions among its cadre on the merger. However, nothing can be ruled out. It is expected to be decided in another 3 or 4 days after the Bill is passed in the parliament.