TRS MP Writes To Modi Over Padma Awards


mp-vinod-kumar.jpegNot just the Public & Opposition Parties, Even TRS Government isn’t happy with the injustice being done to Telangana in the presentation this year’s Padma Awards.

TRS MP Vinod Kumar wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the discrimination towards Telangana & few other States. At the same time, He questioned Centre over presenting too many awards for selective states.

Vinod Kumar asked, ‘Many of Telangana poets and artistes deserve Padma Awards. Unfortunately, Not even one of them were recognized by the Union Government. It’s unfair to offer Awards to few states in big numbers and deny any honours for other states. It’s really surprising to know Awards Committee didn’t take the recommendations of Telangana Government seriously. Hope, Centre will maintain a balance by offering equal representation to all the states in the country in future’.

Does the Letter of Vinod Kumar to Modi meant to stop the criticism faced by TRS Government? Why didn’t KCR & KTR react on the issue so far?