TRS Report: 39 MLAs Are In Danger Zone!


Political parties have changed their approach nowadays. They are conducting surveys on their party leaders long before the elections. They are trying to find out the workstyle of the leaders, the popularity in the public etc. The ruling party in Telangana state TRS is also following the new trend.

TRS chief, CM KCR has the detailed report of the party leaders at his hand as per the latest information. The report says that 39 sitting MLAs of TRS party has bleak chances of winning in the next polls if the party gives them assembly ticket. Several ministers are also in the danger zone as per the report. KCR has directly called up some of the leaders and warned them to improve their workstyle. He handed over the responsibility of talking to the other leaders to KTR and Harish Rao.

The report revealed that the Party has a good image and but the personal image of the MLAs is a cause of concern. Several seniors from the North Telangana are facing tough situation The 39 leaders were given a warning that they should change their approach otherwise party has to take tough decisions. KCR is planning to win 100 seats in the elections but the latest report said to have angered him.

TRS has won 63 seats in 2014. The party has won two seats in the by-elections. By encouraging migrations from the other parties, the strength of TRS has been increased to 90. 12 from TDP, 7 from Congress, 3 from YCP, 2 from BSP, 1 from CPI shifted their loyalties to TRS.

KCR is fully satisfied with the people’s response to the Government welfare schemes. But he is angered by the ground situation because the people are happy with the TRS and government schemes and they are upset with the leaders.

Let us have a look at the key aspects in the report..

* 39 out of 90 MLAs are in danger zone

* The ground situations in the strong TRS bastions are shocking

* Local leaders, employees, neutral voters are angry on the MLAs because of their work style etc reasons

* Several MLAs don’t even have half of the image TRS has in their constituency

Considering all these things, they were warned to increase the image otherwise, the party will act tough on giving them tickets.