Undavalli Arun Kumar challenge to KCR


Undavalli-Arun-KumarRajahmundry: Rajahmundry Congress MP Undavalli Arun Kumar questioned the TRS chief K Chandrasekhara Rao if he could achieve Telangana by showering obscenities at others and indulging in x-rated talk. He said they would not do injustice to the people of Telangana by getting frightened by his vulgar talk.

Addressing the 9th anniversary of his organization, Undavalli showed clippings of KCR calling him Mundavalli and describing Andhras as bandits.

“Without changing his language and culture and making efforts to convince others by a sane argument, KCR is trying to frighten others by using resorting to profanity. “Filth will get you nowhere” he counseled.

Undavalli advised the TRS chief that he should try to convince others that his contention was correct and then demand for Telangana. He asserted that without consensus, separate state would never be possible. “We can demand that the two Godavari districts be made a separate state. But people of other districts should agree to it. When Andhra was separated from Madras, we convinced them with such arguments. They had no argument to oppose our contention,” Undavalli said. He warned that no one could be cowed down through KCR’s outrageous talk. He reminded KCR that demands for Bodo Land, Goorkha Land, Harita Pradesh and Bundelkhand have been pending since long and now fresh demands for Hyderabad and Rayalaseema states were coming up. Stating that no one would have any objection if the Telangana state was achieved through just demands, Undavalli said if Telangana was conceded agitations for separate states would sprout all over the country.

Assuring that they were never against Telangana, Undavalli questioned how the state could be conceded on the basis of untenable arguments. Warning the people that there would be chaos if they vote for regional parties, Undavalli said the attitude of SP members was a clear example to it. Describing KCR’s figures on tax revenue were all lies, he pointed out that the TRS chief was calculating even the income emanating from Hyderabad. Stating that KCR was trying to mislead the people of Telangana through wrong estimates, Undavalli squarely charged him of being responsible for the suicides in Telangana.

Entire speech of Undavalli was aimed at KCR and his language. He asked intellectuals and thinkers of Telangana to seriously ponder over these issues. Declaring that he was ready to speak at a common platform, Undavalli said he would disprove all KCR’s claims with proof. He warned that Telangana would lose heavily if the state was bifurcated.