Union Cabinet Meeting decides to impose President rule in AP


president-ruleNew Delhi: The Union Cabinet met for one last time and decided to impose President’s rule in Andhra Pradesh, apart from the heavy agenda it has.
The government cannot take any policy decisions that would have a bearing on the election as the ‘model of code of conduct’ comes into effect once the Election Commission announces the poll schedule.

With Andhra Pradesh Governor E.S.L. Narasimhan sending a report to the Union Home ministry, expressing difficulty in forming a new government as no political party has majority in the current situation. President’s Rule was inevitable as neither the Congress, which has majority in the Assembly, nor any other party has staked claim to form government.

Union Home ministry officials have already made it clear that it will take at least three months, from the day of the gazette notification of the Act, to fix the Appointed day for creation of the new States. They have referred to the earlier instances when three new states were formed.

According to experts, it will be a unique case if the Cabinet recommends Central rule in Andhra Pradesh this time. Only on Thursday the President has prorogued the Parliament. This makes it impossible for the current Government to ratify the President’s rule.

The Supreme Court has laid down in the landmark judgment of 1994, in S.R. Bommai versus Union of India, that President’s Rule in a State has to be ratified by both Houses of Parliament within six months. Since the term of the Andhra Pradesh Assembly is due to end in June, ratification by Parliament in the event of a Central rule would become in fructuous.

Today’s Cabinet meeting has a heavy agenda as the government is keen to take decisions on a number issues, including draft ordinances of the pet anti-graft bills of Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi.