Union Minister Kavuri to Resign?


kavuri-sambasiva-raoNew Delhi: After a long gap , Union Minister Kavuri Sambasiva Rao responded on the State Bifurcation issue. Speaking to the Media he stated that, he had earlier informed the Congress High command of the Samaikyandhra movement in case Telangana decision is announced.

He totally supported the APNGOs strike. As the strike by the Government Employees is not for their personal benefits, the strike of the APNGOs sshould be supported, he said.

The decision on Telangana should be approved by the people of both the regions( Seemandhra and Telangana). Justice has to be done to both the regions, he added.

He demanded the Congress High command to declare a decision on Telangana, by which no region in the state will be under loss.

Incase Congress High command fails to do so, he is even ready to resign for the Union Minister post, he added.