Viral Video: CM Tatha – Jai Telangana!


KCR-TathaThe popularity of KCR skyrocketed after he risked his life for Telangana Statehood & fulfilled the dream of four crore people with relentless fight for 13 years. Not just the grown-ups, Even Kids adore Telangana CM for what he has done so far.

In a viral video, A Kid was seen chanting, ‘CM Thatha…Jai Telangana!’. Sharing the proud moment, TRS MP Kavitha wrote: ‘Kids love KCR garu .. here is a lovely video of a kidoo saying “CM Tatha… Jai Telangana”‘.

Guess, how would KCR react watching this footage? Wouldn’t he be so proud for winning so many hearts? Just alike ‘Gandhi Tatha’, we might get used to ‘CM Tatha’ if this trend continues.

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