Viral Video Reveals Pawan’s Ill Treatment To The Media


Film star turned politician Pawan Kalyan often claims that he has immense respect towards people of all classes irrespective of their caste, religion and occupation. But a viral video proves that Pawan does not practice what he claims or preaches.

The video in question reveals how Pawan, during a party meeting, favored his party’s channel 99TV’s journalists and ill treated several journalists from various media houses. Pawan was seen addressing the journos informally as “Nuvvu”, “Babu” and “Vellu” etc. The arrogance in Pawan’s body language showed that he is no different than the usual high-headed politicians.

Needless to say that journos were miffed with Pawan’s arrogance. The Janasena President’s critics are taking to social media and are advising him to learn to first respect the journalist’s community which played a crucial role in his rise as a film star and now a political leader.