What’s wrong if I attend Paritala Wedding?


KCR at Paritala WeddingBefore or after the formation of Telangana State, KCR visited Andhra Pradesh for the first time ever to attend a wedding. This led to a huge debate in the political circles and the Chief Minister has finally issued a clarification.

KCR: ‘What’s wrong if I attend Paritala Wedding. Paritala Ravi is a dear friend of mine. We both worked in the same party for years. When I was the in-charge Minister of Anantapur, I visited his house in Venkatapuram and had lunch with him as well’.

‘Paritala Sunitha invited Me for his Son’s Wedding saying, ‘Anna Naa Kumaruni Pelliki Ravali’. When Ravi was killed, I couldn’t go to Anantapur due to my commitment to Telangana Movement. Now, I attended his Son’s Wedding and blessed the newly-wed couple’.

On the visit to Paritala Ravi Ghat, TRS Chief says, ‘As his Ghat is at a nearby distance, I went to there and paid tributes’.