What’s Wrong In Friendship With KCR?: Pawan


HYDERABAD: Pawan Kalyan seems to be slowly getting habituated to politics.  One would accept this if they follow Pawan’s response on some issues. In a recent development, Pawan talked about the increasing criticism on him.  He said that some people are criticising him whenever he talks to KCR or meets him or he extends his support to him.  He questioned no one raised doubts when he moved close to the Central government but why they are raising doubts now? When it was not a mistake then how does it become a mistake now?

Pawan wondered why they are finding fault if he moves close to Telangana CM KCR? What is wrong with that?  Pawan Kalyan made another important statement that he is going to give clarity on whether he is contesting independently or going with an alliance.   He said that he is going to reveal on 14th on how many constituencies Jana Sena is going to contest in the upcoming polls in AP and Telangana.  He said that he Jana Sena future course of action will be revealed on the same day.

While responding on acting in films he said that he likes films but he doesn’t have time.  It gives clarity that Pawan has not completely sidelined films. As Pawan extended his support to KCR very fast, many people are expressing their doubts over the capability of Pawan.  They are saying that Pawan was never confident in contesting elections independently.   They are expressing their doubts that Pawan party will remain as a tail party with this kind of decisions.