Why Congress will never make Hyderabad UT


charminar-hyderabadOne of the key debates that is happening regarding the Telangana issue is the capital city of Hyderabad. One proposal is a joint capital permanently and the other is a joint capital for ten years. But there is also another proposal wherein Hyderabad must be made as a Union Territory. But here is the reality.

According to experts, congress or any other government will never make Hyderabad Union Territory. The reason for that is the money. Sources reveal that if the government at center is getting around Rs 60000 crores per year from Andhra Pradesh, nearly 35k to 40 k is coming from Hyderabad only.

So, if Hyderabad is made a union territory then the taxes will be lifted and other surcharge duties waived. With this, the experts estimate nearly 20000 crores deficit will occur and that is a huge sum which will be missed by the government. So, though they claim other reasons for not making Hyderabad as UT this is supposedly the real truth.