Why Didn’t KCR Anticipate It?


Caretaker CM K Chandrasekhar Rao directed former TRS Ministers and MLAs to ensure huge number of new voter enrollments happen all over Telangana. He asked party leaders to make the most out of the approval of Zonal System by have as many new voters as possible.

Election Commission set September 25th as the deadline for enrollment in the Voters list. There isn’t much time left for the Ruling Party to reach the target.

Few TRS Leaders expressed the view that they should have focussed on voter enrollment while continuing in the power itself. The workload on the TRS Candidates is so much that they have to campaign, pacify the rival groups within the party and concentrate on new voters simultaneously. This situation wouldn’t have come had if KCR anticipated the formation of Mahakutami & Revolts from Ticket Aspirants. It could be due to the over-confidence of TRS Supremo on retaining power whenever elections might happen.