Why Does KCR Want Joint Polls?


The BJP is mooting joint polls for both the Lok Sabha and all the state assemblies. The issue was put to debate at the Law Commission meet on Sunday. Telangana CM KCR was found to support the idea of joint polls in Telangana. One wonders why?

Political analysts feel that shrewed and astute politician like KCR has seen that this method would benefit him. Despite all his protestations, KCR knows that it will not be a smooth sailing for him. A united Opposition could mean defeat for him in the assembly polls. So, he wants joint polls. If there are joint polls, at least one of the two votes will be for him. So, he can win the elections easily. So, more than helping Modi, KCR is going to helping himself if there are joint polls.

This shows that there is a secret understanding between both the BJP and the TRS. Though the BJP is overtly criticizing the TRS, it is in cahoots with the TRS. The aim is to prevent the Congress from coming to power in Telangana and at the Centre. This benefits Narendra MOdi in the Centre and KCR in Telangana.

One thing is clear. We do not know if there are going to be joint polls or not. But, now we do know that the TRS and BJP are an item.