Why Is BJP Buying Facebook Pages?


The BJP is on a buying spree. Not buildings or cars , but the BJP wants to buy Facebook pages. With elections round the corner, the BJP wants to whip up a pro-Modi frenzy on social media. So, it is buying or acquiring Facebook pages with large fan following. After buying them, these pages will be renamed after Narendra Modi. The IT Cell of the BJP is very actively involved in the job of taking over FB pages. They have reportedly prepared a list of such popular pages and are acquiring them. This process has reportedly been going on quietly for sometime without anyone noticing. Already, the BJP has several such pages in its kitty.

Sensing the BJP hurry, some clever social media persons have created pages and built a massive fan base. They are approaching the BJP with offer to sell their pages.

According to a BJP IT Cell member, the BJP has acquired a page created by one Rashmi Patel and has converted it to Namo – 2019. Through these acquisitions, the BJP will whip up a pro-Narendra Modi frenzy. The BJP has one of the most active IT Cells. It has already set up IT cells at mandal level across the country and has asked it’s MLAs to have at least 25000 supporters or followers on the social media.