Why phones Are Scaring TRS Ministers?


Most TRS ministers and MLAs are extremely careful while speaking to their associates or even leaders of other political parties. Several of them are refusing to speak about party matters, especially, the internal issues such as groupism and bickering, over phone. The reason?

Ever since KCR upstaged turned the table on senior party leader D Srinivas, the ministers are very careful. There is a strong buzz that D Srinivas phones were tapped and KCR had advance information about DS’s political moves. So, before he could announce his leaving of the TRS, the TRS cadre from Nizamabad began clamouring for his removal from the party for anti-party activities. So, DS had to hurriedly announce that he was not leaving the party. He even tried to meet KCR, but the CM avoided meeting him.So, DS is in TRS, but does not belong to TRS. He wants to go to the Congress, but Congress has no use for him now.

Since then all TRS Ministers are extremely careful while talking over phone as they fear that they could be trapped like DS. They are preferring to talk through intermediaties and are extremely careful while talking to leaders from other parties.