They will feed Me after My Retirement : AP CM


apcmAP CM Chandrababu Naidu opined Parents have the responsibility to ensure their Children study well so that they will be in good position one day to take care of themselves and family. He claimed his family sets a best example in this matter.

Chandrababu: ‘Usually, Children in Politician’s Family doesn’t focus on Education much. But, I had always given enough importance to studies and hence sent Lokesh to Stanford. All the four members in my family are highly educated. My Son and Daughter-in-Law have studied well. They will feed Me after my retirement’.

Is TDP Supremo in a position to depend on his Son & Daughter-in-Law for his daily expenses? How Silly It Looks! Though the example quoted by Chief Minister appears to be a bit of exaggeration, One can’t rule out the fact that not many Politicians have highly-educated family members.