Will His Entry Reduce AP’s Headaches?


AP-HeadachesFollowing the severe allegations made by the TDP leaders against his bias towards the Telangana government in the aftermath of cash for vote scandal and the phone tapping controversy, and the intense pressure from AP leaders to implement Section 8 in Hyderabad, CVL Narasimhan, the joint Governor of AP and Telangana, has strained his relationship with the AP government to an extent.

On several occasions, few AP leaders openly criticized Narasimhan’s partiality in the employee divisions and transfers, Assembly and legislative council allotments. Sensing this severe dissent among the AP leaders, Governor has been saying indirectly that he may soon become a ‘former’ Governor, hinting his final salute as a Governor.

On the other hand, political circles in the Telugu states have been abuzz with the news of Kerala governor Sadasivam being made the Governor of Telugu states very soon. Close sources reveal that even Chandrababu is positive towards Sadasivam’s appointment and that the centre is gearing up for the big change very soon.

Sadasivam’s appointment can be seen as a big boost to the ruling TDP and AP. This former Chief Justice of India is known to be impartial and a strict disciplinary, with a history of delivering landmark judgments in several high-profile cases like Sanjay Dutt arms case and the Reliance case. Sadasivam’s unbiased nature will help AP, as the government can hope for a smooth administrative proceedings and better protection of AP people’s rights in Hyderabad.