Will KCR merge TRS into Congress ?


CM-Kiran-and-KCRHyderabad: It is obvious that Congress is determined to carve out Telangana just for its political gains ahead of 2014 polls in the region. Since day 1, it is firm on merging TRS into its party and putting pressure on KCR. Andhra Pradesh Congress Incharge Digvijay Singh’s very first statement after Congress’ decision to form Telangana on July 30 says that all. Digvijay then said, “Now it’s KCR’s turn to keep his promise.” KCR and TRS replied that they were not sure until the Bill is tabled in Parliament.

With Congress finally bringing the Bill to Parliament, it once again mounted pressure on TRS. This led swift changes in TRS cadre. KCR’s meeting with his cadre on Friday set tongues wagging in political circles. KCR made it clear that he would return to Hyderabad only after the formation of Telangana.

Now, all the TRS leaders are leaving to Delhi and camping there. Naturally, the question appears. Why? So is a merger obvious? these are the doubts arising in the minds of people. Sources say TRS is coming into an agreement with congress that it would merge its party if the bill is passed successfully in the parliament. TRS cheif KCR is adamant on this issue, but the party workers and other leaders are asking him to re think his decision. KCR merging his party cannot be digested by many in the party. But we have to wait and see if the merger is a possibility or not.

Many believe KCR is in Delhi for such a long time just to have continuous discussion with the high command. He is just waiting for the bill to be passed. It is heard as soon as the bill is passed we will hear an official information.