Will Pawan Get Chandrababu’s Personal Invite


Chandrababu-and-Pawan-KalyaOctober 22nd is fast approaching and the invitation cards for the Amaravati stone-laying ceremony are ready. Yesterday, AP CM Nara Chandrababu Naidu stated that he will personally to go Telangana CM KCR’s residence and hand over the invitation.

Babu’s statement stirred up an interesting discussion in the political circles and among fans. Many are wondering if Babu will also meet Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan to handover the invitation card personally.

After all, no one can forget the selfless support Pawan gave TDP-BJP alliance during last year’s elections. Thanks to Pawan’s support, TDP thumped YSRCP and emerged victorious. Now, Babu, with his statement of personally inviting KCR, has to invite Pawan in the same way and simply sending his party’s senior leaders to invite Janasena chief may not amuse Pawan’s fans.

In these one and a half years of association, Pawan-Babu relationship strained slightly when Pawan openly questioned Chandrababu’s stance on land pooling in Amaravati and the special status for AP. However, the CM quickly made amends to appease Pawan, which acknowledged by the Powerstar.