Will Pawan Kalyan Campaign for JDS in Karnataka?


Janta Dal Secular in Karnataka is keen on having Janasena President Pawan Kalyan campaign for the party in the upcoming Assembly Elections. Since Pawan Kalyan can not tilt towards BJP and Congress, JDS is hopeful about having him.

Kumaraswamy, son of JDS Supremo Deve Gowda is a close friend of Pawan Kalyan. He is reportedly trying his level best to bring Pawan Kalyan so that the Telugu voters in Karnataka will be supporting their part. But then, we are told that Janasena is yet to take a decision on this.

“A decision will be taken considering Janasena‘s National level needs and other implications,” a source close to Janasena party told us. Many in Karnataka believe that JDS is moving close to BJP. In case of a hung Assembly, JDS may opt to support the Saffron Party.