Will Settlers Unsettle The TRS?


Settlers and Andhraites.. these were cuss words during the Telangana movement. But, once the state was formed, the importance of Andhra voters has increased many fold. Andhraites today are a deciding factor in Telangana.

In 2014 elections, the settlers hated TRS and voted for the TDP. This helped the TDP win a few seats But, most of them have later defected to the TRS. During the GHMC elections, the ‘settlers’ were a key factor. Many thought the settlers will not vote for the TRS. But TRS not just wooed them, but also won their confidence. As a result, the settlers went whole hog for the TRS and the TRS scored a landslide.

So, which way will the settlers go now? It is being said that the settlers may not completely vote en bloc for the TRS. This time, they might even vote against the TRS. If that really happens, KCR’s dream of winning 100 seats could just be a pipe dream. If the settlers vote for different parties or even go with the TRS, the Congress will stand to benefit . The TRS may find it tough to win the seats in Hyderabad, Rangareddy and even Khammam, where the settlers are an important factor. Meanwhile, the TDP, which is in power in neighbouring Andhra Pradesh, is pulling all stops to mobilize the settlers against the TRS. Let’s see how things pan out!!