YCP MP’s Resignations: By Elections in AP Soon?


CM Chandrababu Naidu has cautioned his party leaders and workers to be alert as by-elections may come soon in AP. This comes after YSR Congress Party’s MPs have submitted their resignations. Naidu told his party leaders that the by-polls may be conducted if the YCP MPs resignations are accepted by the Speaker before June 2nd. Not only this, Naidu even confirmed to party colleagues that TDP will contest in all these seats and hence asked his party candidates to be on toes. Naidu told his party leaders to spend more time with people in their respective constituencies and deal with their problems. He indicated that BJP may get YSRCP MP’s resignation accepted by June 2nd to facilitate by-elections in order to put the TDP in litmus test.

“For the future of the state and for the long survival of the TDP, we all should be very careful. Since we are strongly demanding the Centre for the Special Category Status, Special Railway Zone in Vizag, Iron Ore industry in Kadapa and our rightful demands, they may attack us from any direction. We should be ready to face any situation,” Chandrababu told TDP leaders. Naidu asked party leaders to intensify their protests against the Centre who is doing gross injustice to AP. He told leaders to raise their local issues which have been ignored by the Centre. For example, Naidu told Kadapa leaders to intensify their voice on the Kadapa steel plant that was not granted by the BJP against its promise to people earlier.

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Chandrababu also told party candidates to respect the party workers who doesn’t expect much other than due respect. Naidu said it is party worker who stand at the booth-level and not any officer or leader. He asked all leaders to maintain good rapport, relation with the party activists. He said his only objective right now is motivate and inspire the party MLAs and MPs. He said the state government is working very well and asked the party leaders also to work in tandem with it.

Citing BJP as bad example, Naidu asked TDP leaders to never be proud. He said BJP leaders got distanced from people only because of their pride. He asked why the same Narendra Modi had become anti to people in just 4 years? He asked everyone to analyse Narendra Modi’s declining charisma and cautioned them not to follow him. Taking lesson from the BJP, he asked the party leaders to mingle more with people.