Year 2017 A Nightmare For Hyderabad Techies


Hyderabad-TechiesHyderabad: While the Telangana government is boasting of bringing investments into software industry, the year 2017 has witnessed large scale layoffs leaving thousands of professionals jobless.

In Hyderabad alone, more than 5,000 techies have been retrenched in 2017. Software giants like Congizant, Tech Mahindra, Infosys, Wipro and the last to give nightmare to techies was Verizon.

It may be recalled that Wipro had sent as many as 600 employees home. Cognizant retrenched about 6,000 of its employees while Infosys sacked about 9,000-odd employees. This December, Verizon fired more than 900 of its workforce. Bank of America too sacked more than 100 employees in the city.

While performance review is not at all an indicator to retrench the employees, the companies cited various reasons while sacking employees. Verizon went a step ahead by hiring bouncers and doctors to sack its employees.

The sense of uncertainty is still looming large over software industry. The ‘Forum for IT’ urged the employees not to lose heart and join hands to fight against the inhumane treatment of sacking. Meanwhile, IT experts suggest that the trend is likely to be persisting for the next 12 months. Due to automation, tech graduates in the country would have to face less job opportunities.

However, the Forum for IT professionals doubt whether the largescale layoffs are actually taken up citing automation as a reason.

More than 2,000 employees who had been retrenched, had reached out to the labour department of Telangana and filed petitions in labour courts in the city. Recently, the labour court in the city passed a judgement in favour of employees asking the Cognizant to resolve the case in an amicable manner. The Court gave the company deadline of January 3.