YS Jagan and Vijayamma Resigned for Samaikyandhra


ys-jagan-vijayammaFinally YSRCP president YS Jagan and his mother Y.S.Vijayamma have resigned to their respective MP and MLA posts few minutes back. They have submitted their resignations in speaker format and with this YSRCP party 17 MLA’s and 2 MP’s has resigned emptying their party seats.

Everyone are aware that 16 MLA’s and 1 MP from YSRCP party has resigned few days back showing their support for united Andhra Pradesh and now Jagan, Vijayamma too given their resignations with a small twist blaming congress party.

Going into details both Jagan and Vijayamma mentioned in their resignations letters that they are resigning bcoz of the drama which congress is playing with Andhra Pradesh people. They added congress intentionally delaying the T-state formation and at the same time spelling their magic on Telangana people that process for T-state had started.

Once thing is clear Jagan has proved it yet again that he is son of politician by silently resigning without giving their opinions whether they are welcoming T-state formation or against it.

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