YS Jagan writes letter to Lok Sabha Speaker


speaker-and-JaganHyderabad: The YSR Congress Party chief and Member of Parliament of Kadapa constituency, YS Jagan wrote a letter to the Loksabha speaker stating that the incidents that took place inside the Loksabha on Thursday are against the democratic spirit. He mentioned the day as an inauspicious day. Jagan wrote a letter to the Loksabha speaker against the modus operandi followed by the Union government for the introduction of Telangana bill.

Jagan in his letter stated that Telangana Bill was not included in the list of agenda points for the day; not included even in the business list and said it was not the procedure to introduce any bill in the parliament. He urged the speaker Meira Kumar to not consider that Telangana bill was introduced in the house.

YS Jagan further mentioned that even before introducing the T bill in the Loksabha, the union government has been making the announcements that the bill has been introduced.

It is worth mentioning here that the letter was rejected by the speaker stating that no letter could be accepted by her from any suspended member. However, YS Jagan made another attempt by sending the same as an e-mail attachment.