YSRC trick to fool people and Media


Finally YSRC president Jagan shed his Telangana mask after aintaining equidistance from Telangana and Samaikyandhra demands.

ysrcpHe chose resign for Samaikhyandra on Saturday after in a lame protest against the Congress high command’s “unilateral decision” to bifurcate the state to form Telangana state. His mother Y S Vijayalakshmi also followed suit and resigned from her Pulivendula MLA seat.

So the entire stock of YSRC- 18 MLAs and 2 MPs have now resigned vouchsafing teir loyalty for Seemandhra . and also formalised its anti-Telangana stand.

In any case, the party has almost become empty in Telangana as majority of the leaders have already resigned in support of separate Telangana state. The party spokesman Mekapati and M V Mysoora Reddy however say the resignations were only in protest against the Congress party’s divide and rule tactics and not agaisnt Telangana.

One thing is clear that the YSRC is trying to fool people and media again and again. But can you fool all media, people and politicians again and again.