YSRCP bags maximum MLA and MP seats in Telangana region: Sources


YSR-CongreeeHyderabad: The regional Political parties are declaring their stand on Telangana issue, calculating the seats and the votes for the coming Assembly elections.

TDP dual stand related to Telangana issue is maintained even of today. The party states that it is favourable to Telangana state formation on one hand to bag the Telangana people support. On the other hand tries for gaining the support of Seemandhra people, some of TDP leaders are participating in the samaikyandhra protest.

Congress party is also following the same strategy. It does not want to lose seemandhra votes and Telangana people votes. Hence some leaders speak against Telangana and some in favour of Telangana.

YSRCP had made it’s stand clear that the party is against the Telangana state formation. The resignations of the Party chief, Honorary President, MLA’s and MP revealed the same. Moeover it stated that if bifuracation has to be done, then the regions are to be divided in such a way that justice is done to bith the regions in all matters. If the same is not possible, then it is better to stay away from Bifurcation.

In the Telangana region, majority of the people are directly or indirectly dependant on agriculture. Majority of the people got benefitted during YSR’s regime by free power to farmers, waiving off agricultural loans, loans to women at less interests, fee reimbirsement, Rajiv araojya sree, Indiramma housing scheme etc. So the YSRCP sources say that the party has good public support in the Telangana region.

They are also stating that it is unfortunate that many YSRCP leaders literally left the party without having having a clear understanding on the Party’s stand on Telangana.