1 Nenokadine overtakes Yevadu a big surprise


1-Nenokadine-overtakes-Yevadu-a-big-surprise-300x3001 Nenokadine overtakes Yevadu a big surprise 

According to information from film nagar sources, Mahesh Babu starred 1 Nenokadine lost its share to its rival Ram Charan’s Yevadu at box office. Though Yevadu ran well at box office but 1 Nenokadine has got good collections for Hindi dubbing 40 lakhs more than face-off rip-off. According to reports a Hindi TV Channels bought 1 Nenokadine for a big price of Rs.4 crores. While Yevadu was only Rs.3.6 crores, as Mahesh Babu’s popularity is India in increasing day by day.  His charisma increased after Coco Cola promotion in India.

This is the highest money paid for dubbing rights of a Telugu movie, definitely Mahesh Babu’s fans must be delighted with this news. There were lot of expectations pinned on 1 Nenokadine, unfortunately it could not do well at box office. Whereas Yevadu as well was expected big but turned out to be an average flick at box office.