10 Cr Collections For 30 Cr Investment!


Gautham-Nanda‘Gautham Nanda’ is not only the highest budget film in Gopichand’s career but it has done highest business in his career.  There were several discussions in the social media regarding the budget of the film rather than the movie’s content.  Everybody surprised with the reports that the movie did pre release business of Rs. 30 crores.

Some people raised doubts that the makers are exaggerating the figures to create hype on the film.  Because Gopichand is not in success.. his other two films are lying in the cans.  We can’t simply rule out their doubts.  Let us accept that the ‘Gautham Nanda’ business figures are true and talk about the full run collections of this film now.   The world wide share of this film is Rs. 10.3 crores according to the trade circles.   So, the film is able to collect only one-third of the investment.

‘Gautham Nanda’ collected Rs. 9.5 crores in the two Telugu states and it has collected Rs. 80 lakhs in rest of the areas.  The overseas collections stood at Rs. 19 lakhs.   We don’t know the actual business of the film but the buyers incurred huge losses.. and it is a fact.  It is a big shock to the producers of Balaji Media because they have already suffered huge losses with ‘Rebel’ in the past.