10 crores loss for Kabali distributors?


Kabali-World-Wide-Screens-C“Kabali” of Superstar Rajnikanth has shown all its colors in the first weekend itself beating many records of other big films. Except Baahubali and Robo, it has crossed the final-run shares of all the other films down south. Anyway, what’s the situation of Telugu distributors of the film?

Actually “Kabali” is bought nearly for 30 crores by newcomer distributors Praveen and KP Chowdary, and they have sold Nizam to Abhishek pictures. According to updates, the film made a whopping total of 18+ crores share on first three days while Monday it made only 1.5 crores share. In its final run it may make another crore or two, but not more than that.

That puts nearly 10 crores loss in distributors pockets as they have spent bomb on publicity as well. Only after the arrival of final figures, we could estimate the final loss incurred.