10 Questions Media would ask Pawan Kalyan


9486150976191413809Pawan Kalyan will interact with Media at the launch of his political party on March 14th. So, the journos were very much prepared not to miss this golden opportunity to make the actor answer all of their tricky questions.

10 Possible Questions Media would ask Pawan Kalyan:

1) Why did  you prefer NEW PARTY? Why not other options?

2) What would be the Party Symbol? Whether your candidates are ready to contest elections  on different symbol if EC doesn’t registers Jana Sena due to time factor?

3) Rift with Chiranjeevi?

4) Did you support/oppose merger of PRP with Congress?

5) Do you want to favour your brother by splitting Anti-Government vote?

6) Will you support TDP in state and BJP in Centre post the elections?

7) Are you open to form pre-poll alliance with Lok Satta or Aam Admi Party?

8) Is Prasad V Potluri (PVP) involved in Jana Sena party affair? If Involved, What would be his role?

9) Third Marriage with a Russian?

10) Your current equation with Second Wife Renu Desai?