Once in a 100 years film: PVP


PVPProducer Potluri Vara Prasad is extremely confident of his latest production venture ‘Ghazi’ starring Rana Daggubati.  He is saying that Ghazi is a never before film in the 100 year old history of Indian Cinema.  He said he is proud of producing a film like this.  Even though the project started off as a small venture, it has become a crazy project now. He said people will know why he is talking about this film like this on February 17.

“Our Production ‘Kshanam’ was ready by this time last year. It was released in February and went on to become a super hit. We are coming up with Ghazi in the same month this year.  Thousands of movies made in India till now. Mythological, historical, socio fantasies.. there
are several other genres. But you wouldn’t have watched this kind of film on the Indian screen.  I am proud to be part of this project. The movie started off as a small project. But the project has grown in to very big size now. You will come to know how we made the movie on February 17. It is going to remain as a special film in the history of Indian Cinema”.

Ghazi is a first Indian film to be made in the backdrop of a submarine. Rana is playing a Naval officer role in the movie. Ghazi is directed by debutante Sankalp Reddy.