110 Days Record For Bruce Lee


Ram-Charan-Bruce-LeeOne look at the trailer of “Bruce Lee” proves that the film is made on a massive scale. Family sentiments shot in exotic houses, romantic songs in dazzling beaches, foreign locales for both songs and fights, boat chases and terrific sets to film mass songs” This is just an introduction to the grandeur and money dumped in by producer DVV Danayya for “Bruce Lee”.

Perfect planning and unmatchable hard work from almost everyone in the team, from Ram Charan to Sreeu Vaitla, and all others, has helped the unit film the whole of this grand film in just under 5 months. At every given day, the shoot went for 15 hours in a day and never they have missed out a date or any other artist failed to turn up. With dates issue never happening, it’s all about setting up things and working against time to reach the pre-announced release date of October 16th.

Even nature supported “Bruce Lee” as there are no big hurdles like hot-sun or heavy rain disrupting the shoot. Despite having a big star cast of Charan, Rakul, Nadiya, Kriti, Rao Ramesh and many others shooting on same day for same scenes, never there is a problem arising. Thanks to the meticulous planning of producer Danayya and director Sreenu Vaitla.

All in all, it too 110 days to make the saga of Charan’s “Bruce Lee” including the last four days of song shoot where Ram Charan worked for 18 hours a day and 24 hours non-stop on last day along with his leading lady. Hope all this hard work will get the best of fruits from box office.