135 Hindi films given A certificate by Censor Board in 2015-16


135-hindi-films-given-a-cerAbout 135 films out of all the Hindi releases in 2015-16 were granted A certificate.

According to the CBFC annual report, in 2012, about 59 Hindi films were cleared with A certificate. The number increased by 44 in 2013-14 while in 2014-15, the number rose to 102 and in 2015-16, it was 135.

About 65 Hindi films were given U certificate, 140 U/A and 135 A certificate for this period, the report added.

The report said a total of 1,021 films were censored by CBFC in 2015-16.

Out of the 259 Tamil films released during the year, 10.24 per cent were adult certified, while the figures for A certified films in Malayalam stood at 7.09 per cent.

Similarly, between April 1, 2015 and March 31, 2016 about 67 Bhojpuri films were certified out of which 54 per cent were for adult viewing.

Out of the 180 Marathi films released during 2015-16, 12 were given A certificate while in 2014-15, 127 films were cleared out of which four were given A certificate.

The report said 94 films were denied censor certificate due to vulgarity and objections on script.

In 2015-16, 82 Marathi films were given U certificate, 86 U/A and 12 Adult. For Telugu, films the figures were 78 U, 130 U/A, and 67 A which comes to 17.58 per cent. For Kannada, it was 89 U/A, 88 U, 27 A which is 7.09 per cent. For Malayalam, it was 123 U, 40 U/A and 5 A which is 1.31 per cent.