150th Film: Chiranjeevi Explains The Reasons


Chiranjeevi-working-on-slimIn an exclusive talk to a leading news channel on the eve of his 60th birthday day after tomorrow, Megastar Chiranjeevi revealed why his 150th film that was supposed to be directed by Puri Jagan was kept on hold. Though the reason that second half hasn’t worked out is known to all, Chiru explains what he is looking at for that film.

‘Both me and Puri Jagan are unhappy with the way second half has come out. For that reason we kept Auto Jaani on the back burner’ confirmed Chiru again.

What’s the kind of story he’s looking at…?  ‘There is nothing like that. I’m just looking for a good story. If the story works, then the story itself decides who the director is. I’m hopeful that a story will be finalised in coming 1-2 months’, he added. Its never a story for the sake of director. But Chiru hasn’t rejected the idea of continuing Auto Jaani, in case if Puri Jagan comes up with mind blowing changes.

How about this film in Chiru’s own direction?  ‘No, Ram Gopal Varma’s assumption is wrong. Only directors know more about me, and they could do justice for direction. I can’t do that’.

Furthermore, the celebrated matinee idol has revealed that all of his family members who are into acting are expressing their desire to star in 150th film. ‘Stories like Manam will make such things possible. That’s a great story and comes very rare’, says Chiru.

Explaining how feels about dances, he stressed that whenever music touches his ears he will be dancing in himself. ‘Even though I’ve not danced for 8 years, I could just shake the floor at a snap. It’s inbuilt in me’, expresses the soon 60-to-be Star.