18 is the variation between hero and heroine!


Pawan-Kalyan-Mahesh-babuOn screen the distance between the film hero and the heroine will look quite less but off screen their remuneration levels are quite far. In we analyze the remuneration levels of the top hero and the heroines in the industry, we can observe that the variation is around 18 Crores.

In Tollywood, Pawan and Mahesh are the leading stars in remuneration and they were being paid 20 Crores on an average per flick. In case of heroines, Anushka Shetty is on the top of the list with 2 Crores remuneration per film. The difference between these 2 levels is 18 Crores. Few heroines are now demanding to increase remunerations showing this 18 Crores variation to the film producers.

Few years back, the top remuneration used to be around 10 Crores but in the recent times the remuneration for film heroes got literally doubled. But for heroines, 1 Crore to 2 Crores remuneration is being given from the past few decades. Vijayasanthi herself told that she used to receive 1 Crore remuneration in 90s. As film actresses’ career span is quite less, they are moving out of the zone before achieving 3 Crores but for heroes the career span is around 30 years and hence they are able to achieve those figures.