2 Reasons Why Chiru In Bruce Lee


Boss-Is-BackMegastar Chiranjeevi’s cameo in “Bruce Lee” became not just talking point, but it is also a saviour of the film. At the time when audiences started to feel the boredom, this cameo made them forget everything and come out theatres cheering. But this cameo has done more damage than advantage. See how.

Cinema lovers and mega fans are waiting to see megastar on silver screen from years. Finally he’s expected to rock with 150th movie but he has decided to do this short part in Bruce Lee itself. Watching him on the screen made everyone excited, but thing is that his 150th film appearance may not get the same appreciation. Because has has already appeared in Bruce Lee and now everyone knows that he will comeback in 6-7 months hardly with next film. Should we now not say that hype on 150th is gone?

Maybe we have to put this from another angle. Chiranjeevi and Charan might have deliberately created this cameo for two reasons. First one is to save Bruce Lee and second one is to reduce the hype on 150th such that the chances of scoring big will be high.