2 Releases On Same Day For Pawan Villain


Abhimanyu-SinghAbhimanyu Singh acted in several films in Telugu.. but he has received huge recognition for the villain role in Pawan Kalyan superhit film ‘Gabbar Singh’.  Abhimanyu Singh is a theater artiste from Patna.. but he has achieved recognition in several film industries in India. He is delighted now as two films are releasing today in which he played important roles.

He is playing a positive role in ‘Rakshasi’.  Panna Royal directed the film… Poorna played the lead role.  His character helps the hero to come out of his bad habits.  ‘Rakshasi’ is unable to generate good buzz among the audience.. but it is releasing today.   He is saying that he will get good recognition for his character in this film.  Similarly, he acted in Sridevi Hindi film ‘MOM’. This film is also releasing in Telugu today.

Being an artiste hailing from theater background he feels that there is so much talent left in him to prove.  So he has changed his track and choosing positive roles.  He also said that he is feeling bad for not learning Telugu completely even though he has been doing Telugu films for several years.  He is saying that he will learn Telugu and become a full-fledged Telugu actor soon.