20+ Crores Profit, But Not Leaving Theatres!


Nene-Raju-Nene-Mantri-ProfitsAce producer Suresh Babu has not only just increased the number of theatres for “Nene Raju Nene Mantri” post release, but also he’s not stopping the digital promotions of the film. And going by the buzz, one wonders if he’s worried about recovering the budget invested in the movie.

While August 11th saw three films releasing screens, Nene Raju Nene Manri clearly maintained that advantage over them. And for the kinds of budgets involved in all these three movies, NRNM looked like a clear winner. It’s said that Nene Raju is made with 25+ crores budget, but that doesn’t seem true. As per insiders, director Teja made this film under 12 crores including promotions and the film made 12 crores from satellite rights itself, 7 crores in Hindi and 5 Crores for Telugu rights. In the first long weekend itself, the film made 16 crores share while theatrical rights are valued at 19 crores through sales and distribution.

So, literally Suresh Babu and other producers who invested in the project are walking with 20+ crores profits but still the top producer’s team is busy expanding theatres and increasing promotion. Barring Ananda Brahmo that is releasing today, there is no big release around until Paisa Vasool comes on September 1st. Point is that, if Suresh Babu leaves some theatres to others, surely they will occupy them and recover their high costs involved.

We hear that Jaya Janaki Nayaka is made with 50 crores budget, while LIE cost nearly 40 crores to producer Anil Sunkara. If they get some extra theatres, maybe recovery would be easy. Should Suresh Babu think about this or not?