25 Multiplexes for Mahesh Babu: Truth or Fake?


MaheshbabuMahesh Babu isn’t someone who possess a great business acumen. But, It’s his marriage with Namrata which helped him develop such an image. Thanks to over a dozen brands he has been endorsing so far!

A wild rumour regarding Mahesh Babu’s new business is in circulation since some time. People even began believing these reports as Namrata is by his side.

As per the speculations, Mahesh Babu will soon build as many as 25 Multiplexes in Telugu States. Sunil Narang of Asian Cinemas would be the acting partner of this business venture.

These reports are hard to believe as Mahesh is someone who prefer to be a brand ambassador rather than an investor. This strategy worked wonders for him and why would he try to change it!