It Is 25 Years Of Bliss: Nagarjuna


Nagarjuna-Amala‘Shiva’ is a memorable film in the career of Nagarjuna.. it is a special film for Telugu film industry also.  Nagarjuna was a normal hero till then.. but Nagarjuna achieved star hero image with ‘Shiva’.  Amala Mukherjee paired up with Nagarjuna in the movie and impressed everybody with her actin.. beauty.

Nagarjuna, Amala have acted in another film ‘Nirnayam’ later and they fell in love with each other during the shoot of the film.  They got married on June 11, 1992.  It has been 25 years now.  Even though Nagarjuna first marriage ended up in divorce, he made his second marriage successful. Celebrating the occasion, Nagarjuna has posted their photograph in twitter and tweeted that “25 years of bliss!!thank you Amala!!thank you all for the love and wishes”.

Amala has stopped acting in films after the marriage to look after family responsibilities.  She is very active in social service activities.   She made her re-entry to the films with  ‘Life Is Beautiful’ in 2002.  Amala- Nagarjuna’s son Akhil is trying to settle down as as a hero in Telugu. Akhil said to have given a big party to his mom and dad yesterday.