28°C Teaser Talk


Movie Buffs are looking forward to watching path-breaking movies these days. They are willing to encourage Filmmakers who come up with never-seen before concepts. 28°C is one such movie which will be loved by all those who want to have a unique experience.

Hero (Naveen Chandra) suffers brain injury due to acute mental stress. Doctor suggests him to remain close to the equator and maintain a constant temperature of 28°C to stay alive. He won’t be able to survive for more than 15 minutes if the temperature increases or decreases.

Naveen Chandra seems to have given his best performance here. He is so believable in the role of a youth facing a rare medical condition. Shalini Vadnikatti played female lead and she looks cute. Doctor Anil Viswanath directed this project. Music is by Sravan Bharadwaj. Casting include Jayaprakash, Raja Ravindra, Priyadarshi, Viva Harsha, Ajay and Chalapathi Rao.

There is novelty in the story of 28°C and that’s the USP. A lot of movie goers will look forward to watching this concept-based flick.

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