5 Minute Yoga From Manchu Lakshmi


Several celebrities practice yoga to stay fit and appear glamorous these days.  Tomorrow.. i.e., June 21  is the International Yoga Day, so celebrities are getting ready to show their yoga practice to everybody.

Manchu Lakshmi, a popular Telugu celebrity practices yoga regularly.  Lakshmi’s yoga practice video has become popular in YouTube on the occasion of International Yoga Day.  She is teaching how to do full body workout in just 5 minutes.  She has proved that she can give tough competition to any top star when it comes to fitness.  Manchu Lakshmi mostly appears in de-glamourized role in movies.. so one will wonder knowing about her passion for fitness.

The awareness on yoga is increasing among the common public slowly.  Many people are practicing yoga for to stay healthy & fit.  If you are not doing any physical activity.. then Manchu Lakshmi’s 5 minute full body workout will be beneficial to you.  Why delay.. get ready for Manchu Lakshmi yoga.