5 movies that Telugu heroes want to forget


Tollywood-HerosEven hit heroes have flops. For some, a hit and a flop come alternately. But, there are some flops that heroes would like to completely forget. The films are duds that badly misfired. Here are five heroes and five films that they would like to forget for they were disasters of the first order.

Pawan Kalyan: The first film that stands first in his list of flop movies is ‘Johnny’. It was the film after Khushi and being directed by Power Star himself, the expectations were sky high. But the result was horrible and it resulted in heavy losses to the producers.

Mahesh Babu: Mahesh experiments a lot. But the one experiment that went horribly wrong was ‘Nani’. Directed by SJ Surya, this film was a nightmare for everyone who worked for this team.

Jr NTR: After Simhadri, the expectations were so high that even a director like Puri scored a disaster called ‘Andhrawala’. This film was undoubtedly the one that NTR want to forget.

Allu Arjun: Deviating from his usual style Bunny tried a variety script called ‘Varudu’. This film was a black mark in Bunny’s career and was a disaster.

Prabhas: Rebel’. This is the movie which comes to everyone’s mind when we talk about the biggest disasters of Rebel Star. This film Directed by Lawrence is real nightmare for Prabhas.