5 Reasons Why Srimanthudu Clicked!!


MaheshAfter three days of release, Srimanthudu has pocketed nearly 41 crores of share as per early trade reports. Also the film stormed into 2 Million Dollars club in USA ‘gross’ box office collections. It’s high time to have a look at the factors that helped the flick click big way.

Generally factors like Mahesh Babu’s stardom, Shruti Haasan’s glamour, dialogues and songs are treated as benchmarks to measure the success of a film. But Srimanthudu has re-written the way to woo audiences, isn’t it? That’s why, five different reasons have come out when we had a deep look into the film.

1) Nostalgic emotions: Needless to say, this is an emotional script churned by Koratala Siva. He has come out with something that showcases immense connect with a native place. 80 out of 100 people will connect to this story line because they are all living far from their native towns and villages. In this digital era, Koratala Siva identified what’s actually missing among youths, and made them feel nostalgic about their native places.

2) Mahesh Babu’s improvisation: With every film Mahesh is getting better. People will take this for his handsomeness and desirability quotient, but we are not talking about them. Mahesh has improved as an actor with each film and in this film he delivered a finest performance. Among all other actors, it’s he who dominates with acting.

3) Wooing the kids: For any film, family audiences are quintessential. Only if families like, Film could make amazing collections. As Mahesh rides a cycle, jumps into bus door, he simply sleeps on a normal bed with simple costumes, all those things made kids love him more. So, family audiences spread more positive talk than anyone else.

4) Casting the right artists: Shruti Haasan is one lady who could look a complete middle class belle and an ultra modern glam starlet at the same time. In scenes, she looks like the former and in songs its a feast for glamour lovers. Jagapathi Babu could easily make everyone believe him as a rich billionaire, so is Rajendra Prasad as a middle class farmer. This perfect casting worked out heftily in the film’s favour.

5) Touched the hearts: For every single employee in top cities like Hyderabad, Vizag and Vijayawada who doesn’t stay with parents, this film touched at right place. Many do think that they have to bring their parents to city such that they could spend good item. However Srimanthudu said how difficult it will be for parents if we cut them off from the native friends and relatives. Such revelations have touched the hearts.