5 Releases this Friday


5-MoviesIts going to be heavy traffic at Telugu Box Office this Friday. In total 5 small budget movies are going to release and test their luck on November 8th. Chandi, Nenem Chinna Pillana, Kali Charan, Chinni Chinni Aasa and Satya 2 are the movies. Interestingly all these movies were planned for an earlier date but were postponed due to some reasons. The vacant space at the box office had facilitated their release finally.

Among these movies, Satya 2 has big names like Sharwanand and Ram Gopal Varma associated with it. Kali Charan managed to create some promise through its trailers. The Suresh Productions brand for Nenemanna Chinna Pillana and Priyamani for Chandi should do the trick. Lets see which of these films finally manages to impress the audience. All the Best to all of them!