70 Days Behind Tamanna’s Tattoo Song


Tamanna-Tattoo-Song‘Pachha Bottesina.. pillagaada neetho…’ is the happening song at the moment as it stood to on chartbusters by remaining as one of the best composition made every by composer Keeravani. This melodious song from Baahubali happens to be a love-duet on Prabhas and Tamanna, Sivudu and Princess Avantika.

As the lyrics highlight the girl’s viewpoint of the guy who etched a tattoo on her, lyricist Ananta Sriram says, it took nearly 70 days for him to come up with simple poetic prose styled lyrics that could be understood by common man even. As the characters of our milky siren and hunk hero grow up in forests, Sriram has carved out no tough grammar and phrases into the lyrics.

Also these 70 days haven’t passed easily for him, because he inserted the names of his favourite lyricists like Sirivennela into the song without breaking the flow. ‘Chemma chereti chekkilallo.. chindulesindi sirivennela’ is the line from second stanza of the song, where we could witness Ananta Srirama’s master stroke for his guru. ‘In all the 650+ songs I’ve written, some worked and some didn’t. All those lyrics have now conspired with nature to get me a chance to write for Baahubali’s Pachha Bottesina song. Rajamouli’s visuals have doubled the impact of the song and the meaning of each lyric’, he avers.

‘What more happiness I need with more than 1 lakh music lovers listening to this song every day?’ asks Ananta Sriram. In the whole album of ‘Baahubali’, no doubt this is the super hit song.